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How I can use distinct for all columns when not entering column names, when there are multiple columns in a table?.


You can use the count() function in a select statement with distinct on multiple columns to count the distinct rows.

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NAME COUNT of distinct diplomas Bobo. MySQL 12.50% vBulletin.

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The very first thing you need to do is to choose and select a database.

query GROUP BY and HAVING multiple columns on SELECT.

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SQL SELECT statement and combining MULTIPLE columns into one. (SELECT COUNT(distinct.Aggregating Distinct Values with DISTINCT. MAX, SUM, AVG, or COUNT. expr is a column name, literal,.For each items, I can attach up to 5 different textual categories.Eliminating Duplicate Rows from MySQL Result., if you display and group by multiple columns,. how many distinct values a column contains.I have to compute COUNT DISTINCT of customers, per month, and YearToDate.

Supposing we have a table with four columns (a,b,c,d) of the same data type.

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Hi I want to find distinct count for multiple fields using a single rollup.

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MYSQL select DISTINCT values in two columns. Postgresql count unique conversation. 0. MySQL SELECT DISTINCT multiple columns.

In MySql, you can just add the columns as parameters in count method.COUNT() function and SELECT with DISTINCT on multiple columns.For example, to get the unique combination of city and state from the customers table, you use the following query.