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I believe that Bilbo was first referred to as a burglar in chapter one of The Hobbit,.

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Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example,.

By this I do not mean the opportunity to break into homes to steal jewelry and works of art.

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The Rancho Cordova Cat burglar, Visalia Ransacker, and. new suspect called the Rancho cordova cat burglar,. old LE files and vague descriptions mean very.

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Definition of cat burglar. cat burglar. noun. A male who moves in on and takes the attention of a female away from another male that she was potentially interested in.

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Cat burglar definition, a burglar who breaks into buildings by climbing through upstairs windows, across roofs, etc., especially with great stealth and agility. See more.There is something unusual about Dusty, a Siamese cat from San Mateo, California.In 2010, three burglars thought that they had found a stash of cocaine while breaking into.

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A cat burglar is a thief who can silently break into places and steal items.

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